Ecco Box is an innovative logistical rail system facilitating the transport of loose products such as wooden biomass (wood chips, wooden pieces, sawdust) and also the transport of industrial loose products (eg chemical granules, fertilizer etc).

This enterprise is an answer to the needs of the Polish energy and wood industries.

  • EccoBOX containers have the highest volume capacity of any in the market (50mp)
  • The set of railway platforms allows 90 containers to be moved at one time
  • Reach Stacker (unloading machine) with a specially designed head
  • Fast unloading
  • Independent prism up to 10m high
  • Remote opening of the container lids by the operator from the cabin
  • Long reach of the arms allowing unloading at two neighbouring tracks
  • Possibility to unload directly in standard car unloading places
  • Possibility to unload and load directly from the container into another kind of transport
  • Upholding all health and safety regulations in logistical processes at the highest level

ul. Mariacka 33
PL 40-014 Katowice


Our company is the first Polish agricultural producer and purchaser with its own transportation fleet.


As a part of the ECCO GROUP, we are focusing on common commercial and technological development.